Nora Roberts - O Natal dos Quinn | Conto

Publicado original e exclusivamente pela Waldenbrooks Report, este conto traz o primeiro natal de Seth junto aos irmãos Quinn.
Pequeno e cativante, para quem conhece a trilogia - ou além disso, o quarto volume -, a emoção é certa ao lê-lo.
Não encontrei qualquer livro que o trouxesse como um anexo, mas ele está disponível  no site da autora em:

Abaixo, um  pequeno trecho:

He'd never had Christmas before. Not a real one with a tree and lights, with presents. Not with family. He'd never had one in a house filled with music and the smell of fresh cookies and decorations hanging everywhere.
Of course, he wasn't a kid or anything. Sheesh, he was in sixth grade. It wasn't like he believed some fat guy in a red suit was going to pop down the chimney. Get real.
He was just getting into the whole business because everybody else was making such a production of it. All that whispering and talking in code and giggling. Well, the guys didn't giggle, Seth corrected, but the women had let out a few. And little Aubrey was practically insane waiting for tomorrow morning.
But she was just a baby. Christmas was supposed to be special for kids.
For himself it was cool to be out of school and to figure a few presents were going to be tossed his way. He wasn't a maniac about it.
He was only sneaking downstairs to scarf up some cookies. How was a guy supposed to sleep when there were a million cookies in the house?