SNEAK PEEK: Barbara Biazioli - Club 13 Hanzel Palace*

Here in Brazil on the last month we had Barbara Biazioli's book released, "CLUB 13 GAEL",  in e-book edition.
The book has made ​​a huge success. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of it in print, and for those who have read it, they want to read the next one of the series, "ACCORD".

Both books will be released very soon (ending October maybe?), But while the books don't arrive in stores, the author presents us with an unpublished excerpt  of one of the most charming characters of the series, SEBASTIAN CHARPER LOUSAN.

This sneak peek is sexy, it's hot, it's unforgettable. Be pleased by Sebastian and wait for more in Accord soon...

“There is a reasonable way for all this to happen,

but I confess that I don’t like this way”

Sebastian Charper Lousan

Hanzel Palace - Madrid Club 13

"Bunch of morons. All are jerks. Some more than others, but overall I'm surrounded by morons who are ruining the night. Despite no one spoils my night, no one.

The blonde medium hair, I think it was Carl who brought her, she's perfect. Hopefully Gutenberg doesn’t want her, she can’t go to auction , I'm not disputing stand bag, I prefer ease.

Agonizing wait, I face my pants linen is tight, I'll explode and my request was granted, the blonde was what I missed the auction. Gutenberg is pathetic chose the smallest, he will fight with Ramon and Wallace in the auction to fuck the girl who would not even dream what might happen if Wallace wins. Gutenberg and his syndrome by superiority lets fool, I don’t know how yet manages to keep the monthly Hanzel days, he could sell his life and panties to pay the rates.

Benjamin takes his ‘fixed one’ along with the girls he chose, after one left and he would not refuse a job group. My game is waiting for me. Something awakens a greater interest, perhaps the way she puts her hair behind her ear, or as crosses and uncrosses her legs. I get the registration form to reach her ​​and attentive to details. I don’t usually do this, but today I need to know the main points, maybe if she does well I don’t need to use it. I think as I read and cuddle up to my belt buckle black leather thin. She is French , 5' 6", 127,6 lbs , speaks Portuguese and English, that looks beautiful, she has twenty- two years old and it's not a virgin, thank God. Sophie is her name. It was Carl who brought her, Carl, beautiful choice. Analyze mentally as I walk into the room that serves as a showcase. Locking the buttons on my suit and put one of my hands in my pocket. I open the door and realize the best reactions, the blonde opens her mouth to look at me.

Yeah Baby, it's me you'll stay tonight, just tonight . I think and smile looking at that angelic face and body I'll be glad to meet.

“Good evening”. And she smiled too. Her smile is a pretty flawed, one tooth slightly inclined, nothing to ruin her beautiful face, on the contrary makes it even more angelic. I like to have that feeling, the feeling of mixing  my hell with her paradise.

“Good evening, I 'm Sophie”. Her voice is soft and her mouth is red as a rose, when I see her blush it tightens my pants against my body.

“Hi, Sophie , I 'm Sebastian”. The flushing of her face and enhances her green eyes light up when she heard my name. Her hair is a perfect smooth, flawless and her thin chin almost betrays a dimple. Long time I don’t fuck with someone like that, so close to the innocence and so temptingly sexy. She chose the right clothes, black dress not so just betrays her medium breasts and shapely legs are the result of heavy training. She without knowing it’s the verge of something simple that I consider perfect.

“Hi”, She responds and lowers her head. We know how she got here, we know how tonight will start, which we don’t know is that the limit will go into my room, or as the night will end. As Sebastian Charper Lousan, I leave any emotional reaction out of this deal, but as a man and compulsive sex, hope this beautiful blonde that walks beside me has no play saved.

Holy hell, Sebastian! Scream inside my head. Such a thing for tricks and surprises will still destroy you.
“Please”. I open the door of my room and see her face blushing again. She has no experience, Sebastian, I conclude seeing her walking gracefully into the room and sitting on the bed.

She is so embarrassed that if it was possible she would  jump out the window and disappear in Madrid. Oh Baby, please don’t do it. I think as I unbutton my suit and retreat settling on the hanger floor to own it.

“I don’t know how to act, what to do.” She confesses and I do need bigger pants.

“Don’t worry, I just want you to feel free” . I realize that she looks at me giving my body hidden by a waistcoat and trousers in a shade of dark gray, matching perfectly with the tie in the same color, especially the white shirt, the only mention of calm that I have right now.

I open the fridge and pickup a bottle of champagne and with no crash I open it. As soon as I serve the bowls, notice the light shade of her polish nails, her slender fingers trembling and it excites me. I really need to get rid of these pants. Allow her to drink two cups, realize she relaxes after the last sip. She gets up and I can look her more calm. I'm in no hurry, no need to, I can buy the time it takes. Her loose dress dance at the time of her thighs and want to bite this strong ass, beautiful body. I don’t resist and lift. I approach her ​​while she looks with admiration the sophisticated room, a large bed, Persian carpet, furniture luxury that only a lot of money can buy. I have money for it and I am the happy owner of the luckiest chick in the world.

“I need to look at you without your clothes”. I talk in her neck and her body responds with a  sublime and palpable shiver. I descend slowly the zipper and black lingerie is there. God, I hate my pants. Her dress slides and reaches the ground. Softly touch her shoulder and turn to face me removing the fabric covering her black heels. Heels always kill me, but it was sculpted by an angel, perfect body, flat stomach, perky breasts and a V between her legs highly inviting. I slide my hands from her shoulders to her hands and turn her to the mirror. I place it in front of her reflection, get behind her and her blush enriches my dick. Holy shit she is fucking hot, I must remember to thank Carl.

“Are you okay?”, I do matter. I want her to like everything.

“Yes , a little nervous”. She responds almost in whisper and I feel the failure of her beautiful voice. Very delighted with her Sebastian. My dick reminds me of what task I have to perform tonight and come out unscathed.

“More champagne?” , I whisper behind her ear.

“No, thanks, I prefer to be conscious in my actions.”

Mouth that doesn’t lose winds. If I were a man with less skill to the world of lust I would even to think of something more serious. None of that! My dick yells at me again.

“Perfect”. I blow softly and her skin bristling. I leave her for a while and retreat my luggage to my IPod and as my thumb slides on the screen, I loosen my tie .

I stretch my eyes to her, and her toes are crammed and she doesn’t flinch. I see her right foot moving until the tip of it is the other foot, it delights me, seduces me. I like to feel seduced even when I'm in charge. Eye to the closet and analyze if tonight I will use something that is there, don’t know yet. I could you put something over her eyes, but they are a green hope and maybe that excites me even more. Handcuffs? Perhaps the ankles ... I don’t know . Let the simple, and evolve as needed. I choose Foo Fighters - Everlong slips quietly around us. I turn toward her and put her hands on my shirt, I make it clear what I want and this girl is smart. She opens each of the buttons and doesn’t stop even when the shirt reveals my properly defined abs, a lot of training. She goes and opens the button of my pants, thank heaven I'll get rid of it. She teases me while look into my eyes you simply and goes on her task without mistake. It sounds simple, but I've seen women much older and experienced getting lost in a zipper, but not Sophie, she slips and purposely leaves the tips of her fingers touching my cock which by now has its own life. My pants goes down and the most important part of my body almost touches the ceiling. Expertly she turns her back and removes the bra, long enough for me to get rid of my shoes and pants. I'm wearing boxer briefs and shirt, both white and her black panties. What a damn hot woman!

She is facing me and her ass shines in the mirror, she covers her breasts with her hands and approaches me. I lean over and kiss between her hands, she puts her hand on my face and feel for a nano second one sexual electricity between us. She frees her breasts and inside I almost explode, she knows how to stay in front of a man. Perfect breasts and instinctively I grab her by the waist, put each of my hands on her waist and approach to me.

“You are beautiful” . I praise her and her cheeks blush.

“Thank you”. She says and takes my chin in her hand and kisses my mouth. I confess that kisses on the mouth in this situation, in this negotiation, lead me into a state of alert, but I'll make an exception. Glad I opened it for a very good kisser. Nothing desperate or warm, she knows roll her tongue and find mine. I removed my shirt and she surrendered myself to hert, I'm enjoying being out of control, but will not be for long.

“Come on”. I take her to the bed and remove my last dress, her eyes open in explosion and it excites me more. My member appreciates her attention, sweet lady. I reach out to each side of her panties and a waxed region jumps to my eyes. I could swear that her pelvis worth millions. Beautiful, without any mark or imperfection, just a small way by slightly coppery drain. Advancement over her and catch her ​​breast with my mouth. She moans in tone torture so my finger invades her, wet. Beautiful and ready for me. I need to feel her bottom.

I lower my mouth and reach her rib, almost bite my tongue and slide bypassing her navel, she rolls, squirms. This way, baby! I think while I see her wiggle my wet and hidden fingers. It smells good, gentle scent and her skin is like a peach. Let's see how much she frees herself. I go down and reach a gorgeous pink pussy and dip my tongue. You can scream, Baby! This room is soundproof. And she does, she begs and explodes. In my mouth I feel her clit throb, moisture gets in my throat and she still craves without fear. I like that. Her face is red and I bet it's on fire . I drop her pussy and put myself on her body, but even before that I might want to stick to the limit, she stops me.

“Where I come from we must be grateful”. She responds and pushes me off her body, kicking me out of bed and suddenly she falls to her knees, without any ceremony. Sophie shows she worth. She swallows me and I moan, she knows what to do. She had a play and I must confess that one hundred percent of the male population likes to see feminine lips around us. She sucks and try to restrain myself, but it's being difficult. She looks into my eyes as I devoured and thank for not using anything on her green eyes that follow my excitement. She pulls my length skirts and her red mouth with her tongue across my cock, dares to stretch it to the limit. I look at the nightstand and remember there condoms there. She takes me , choke me and almost brings me to tears nirvana. Fill her mouth and with her ​​eyes still hungry swallows everything, offering no freedom whatsoever to any drop.

“I like the way you were raised.”

“I hope we don’t stop here”. She is challenging me. I leave her there and reach the closet, open the door and she looks at the toys that are available.

“You scared?” , I  point the items.

“I’d  scare if you didn’t use them with me tonight”. She gets up and comes towards me. I picked up the handcuffs and she the whip. Looks like we have an even adversary, because this is all a infamous competition, but that’s the way I like."

Author ©Barbara Biazioli
Translator ©Vânia Nunes

*Esta postagem é direcionada aos fãs e leitores de língua inglesa. Se desejar ler o trecho inédito da autora em português, clique AQUI


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