BOOK TOUR: Lucinda Sue Crosby - The Cancer Clube

Women's Fiction / Health / Humor
Date Published: October 14, 2014


Meet writer Marly Mitchellshe a successful late-30s writer who plans a healing journey with loving friends to her favorite vacation destinations in search of PEACE after recovering from a mastectomy. But right now she's finding it hard to focus on the future.
"Once I had dragged my strung-out self from the winged torture chamber and slumped onto a row of rock-hard, fake-Naugahyde airport chairs, people shied away from sitting beside me. And who could blame them? It wasn't a comfortable seat to sit on, and I wasn't a comfortable person to sit next to." Marley acknowledges.
Thank God for the angels of mercy, albeit with tart tongues and scathing truths, Marly calls the Cancer Club, who share and share alike their pain and fear in a way only fellow sufferers can understand. This poignant, sexy, humorous and inspirational novel is bound to become a book club favorite.


 Believe it or not, it is impossible to commit suicide in an airport. I have good reason to know this as I exhausted every conceivable possibility during an eight hour and sixteen minute daytime nightmare on March tenth of last year.
John F. Kennedy International was the scene. I had taken the red-eye from Los Angeles after having recently suffered, and only partially recovered from, A BREAKDOWN (as opposed to a breakdown).  As I'd had to change my travel plans at the last second, it was the only flight available. I was done; physically, emotionally and spiritually done. My bones felt rubbery, my skin sagged and the hollows underneath my eyes had taken on a spectral life of their own. On top of everything else, I had endured the continuous staccato wailing of a baby one row back who added a delightful last-straw quality to my trials.
Once I had dragged my strung-out self from the winged torture chamber and slumped onto a row of rock-hard, fake-Naugahyde airport chairs, people shied away from sitting beside me. And who could blame them? It wasn't a comfortable seat to sit on and I wasn't a comfortable person to sit next to. I noticed them weighing my state of mind with some hidden human yardstick. Not that anyone was purposefully unkind; their collective flinching at the shadow I had become was simply beyond their control. I couldn't blame them for the subtle fear that flicked, for a brief moment, across their eyes. It was the same flick I'd become accustomed to each morning when I looked at my own face in the mirror.


At first I didn't want to  read this book because I have some friends going through this sad period. They are at different stages of breast cancer. The fight is arduous and daily and my role in all this is to help them not to give up, would make the smile more to the good mood  help their treatments.
Lucinda's book is so rich in detail about what goes on in character's mind that the reader feels really living her life.
It is an inspirational story. It has its moments of sadness, but there are also reasons to smile.

Of course, prepare a box of tissues to read. But first of all, open your heart to recognize the beauty that exists when you win a battle of that level, or when you have to bury a dear friend who fought bravely.
I don't want to spoil your surprise when reading this story, so I'm just expressing my opinion about the book.

Many people may prefer not read it for fear of what pages may contain, but believe me, there are lots of enthusiasm behind each line. The story functions as a support group. Rich, beautiful, real and raw.

4,5 stars.

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About Author:

Lucinda Sue Crosby is an Amazon bestselling author, an award-winning journalist, political blogger, environmental activist, a published & recorded Nashville songwriter and a commissioned poet. In her younger days, she also enjoyed a career as a Hollywood actress, played professional tennis and spent several seasons as an In-Demand tennis commentator for the WTA tour.
Crosby has had a love affair with the written word since she was three years old when she accidentally taught herself to read. Her twin passions for a delicious character-driven narrative and multi-level storytelling about “things that MATTER” have led her to tackle the array of above-mentioned word-centric genres as well as her currently flourishing literary career. For this, she earned selection by in 2011 as One of 50 Great Authors You Should be Reading.
Her first novel, Francesca of Lost Nation, has earned six five literary prizes and is an Amazon bestseller.  Highly productive, Crosby has also authored three other Kindle bestsellers: The Adventures of Baylard Bear - a story about being DIFFERENT (a children's fiction with an adoption theme for ages 4 to10); … $ell more Ebook$ - How to increase sales and Amazon rankings using Kindle Direct Publishing (co-written with Laura Dobbins, this is a book marketing guide for new indie authors); and Why Is Pookie Stinky? (also with Dobbins, a charmingly illustrated rhyming picture book about a rescued terrier and her fun interactions with her human family and unusual critters).

Crosby’s latest release is already proving a fan favorite: The CANCER CLUB – a crazy, sexy, inspirational novel of survival. A thumbnail sketch: Fighting breast cancer requires courage, optimism, guts, loving support, faith and a sense of the absurd. If you survive, reclaiming your life is even tougher … Follow Marly Mitchell’s journey through denial, anger, “why me?”, the mythology of boobs in western culture and a dehumanizing, enraging and even hilarious sequence of events that causes her to rethink and redefine her deepest self.
Finally, on Amazon, check out Crosby’s disturbing and eye-opening extended essay called Water in the West: the scary truth about our most precious resource. Water is THE resource issue of the 21st Century which guarantees that its price will skyrocket. Citing an array of expert opinions and scientific studies Crosby researched during her years as a water conservation educator, this book addresses some vital topics: how to discover where your water comes from; how to discover if the source is secure and sustainable for generations to come; the alarming state of crumbling water infrastructure in America; what one person can do to conserve personally,  make water agencies more accountable and provide better communal stewardship for distressed water sources.