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Stripping a Steele by Elizabeth Knox 

Publication Date: February 11, 2018 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

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Christian There were only three things I cared about: women, money and booze. That is, until saw Selena Jacobson, a goddess in the flesh if I've ever seen one. I wanted her from the very first second that I laid my eyes on her. Something carnal inside me flipped a switch, and I knew she would be mine. When life threw us both a big curveball, I made her mine, in every way possible. Every dark desire inside me came to life, and I'll be damned if anyone takes her away from me. 

Selena Christian Steele was nothing but an arrogant prick; one that I tried to stay away from. Tried and failed. Dammit to hell, I liked a lot of things about Christian that I would never admit. When we lost my parents, one to death and another to abandonment, I became the bread-winner, and, for a time, I just want to feel irresponsible. Christian makes me feel in ways I never thought possible and not just between the sheets.


Her father died a year ago from cancer.
Her mother left the family soon after the birth of her younger sister, Ellie, now 3 years old.
She had to abandon her dream to finish bachelor's Business Management and open a bar.
Now, her life is to take care of her three younger siblings and to dance pole dance at Russo's strip club.

Selena Jacobsen, known on stage as Star, did not know that her life was about to change...

A while ago, when she was in a gallery, invited by her friend Brenna, Selena met an interesting man.
The conversation was good and everything could have had a different outcome if he were not part of the Steele family.

The Steele were known in Atlanta. Probably they owned half of the city. And everyone knew they were involved with everything wrong.
Their connection with mobs, bratva, cartel and Mafia was famous. And so Selena had to avoid him.
As she disappeared that night and he could not find her, he started calling her Cinderella.

Christian was the younger brother among the Steele. Despite his angel-like appearance, blond and pale eyes, he was a killer.
Within Steele's company, each brother had a well-defined role.
Logan was the leader.
Jordan was the delegator.
But Chris was the one they sent to make the charges... and kill if necessary. He could be a hitman.

It's Logan who meets Selena/Star at Russo's for Chris, from there, her life would belong to him.
Chris investigates her life and learns of her precarious financial situation; her struggle to keep the 3 siblings, her hours and even that her mortgage was late.

But the biggest problem is when another man decides to "play" with Selena.
Now, Chris would not go after that man just because he had outstanding business in traffic. He would charge him for daring to touch his belongings.

A Mafia Novel

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About Elizabeth Knox


 Elizabeth is a new author who writes suspenseful romance books. She loves the MC and Mob genre, always offering a twist in her work. She was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and currently still lives in Maryland.