[Release Blitz] Logan Fox - Savage Hero


Title: Savage Hero
Series: Crime Family Affair #1
Author: Logan Fox
Genre: Dark Cartel Romance
Release Date: April 28, 2021


Kick-ass assassin. Deadly drug lord. It's a match made in hell.

Nyx Gray

Bryan Domingo wasn't the first person I've been paid to assassinate.
But he was my first failure.
I'd been staking out the Dom of the Colombian cartel for weeks.
Everything was lined up perfectly...until the heir to his empire walked in.
Deadly, fierce, and hot as hell, Caesar 'Savage' Domingo ruined everything with one look.
Now I'm his captive until he decides what he wants to do with me.
For now, it seems tormenting me and treating me like his toy are his only interests.
There's no way he'll let me escape now that I'm his.
But even if I could...would I want to? He's as vicious and brutal as his namesake. But I'm drawn to him, like a moth to a flame.
Lines are blurring.
Rules are being broken.
If we're not careful, we'll both get burned.

Savage Hero is the first book in the Crime Family Affair Series, a dark cartel romance series. This book ends on a cliffhanger and contains scenes of graphic violence, murder, and other mature content.
Reader discretion is advised.


Nyx had been hired to kill a mafia boss.
Her plan had been articulated in a precise way, but as unforeseen happen, her unforeseen was tall, handsome, sexy, tattooed and had a name.

Caesar "El Salvaje" Domingo, known as Savage.

Nyx then decides to abort the entire operation that would take place in a restaurant, but when she tries to escape from the place, she ends up overhearing a conversation on the phone and soon realized that in a few minutes the place would become the target of shots by the rival mafia.
Worried about the innocents present, she screams warning everyone, soon a shower of bullets hits the place. Many died, but Savage and his father - Nyx's target - survive.
And in thanks, Bryan Domingo wants Nyx - disguised as a boy - to work for him.
Savage soon noticed Nyx's disguise and knew she was there for something no good.
While he obeys his father's orders, he also needs to keep her identity a secret.
And the more time they spend together, more confusion appears... the deadly type...


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I’ve made so many bad mistakes I can’t even keep count anymore.
I’m about to make another.
Because despite all my reservations, despite the hatred I feel toward the man pinning me to this bed…Savage is right.
I want him.
I fucking need him.
So I do what I told myself I never would.
I fucking surrender.




Hailing from the notoriously sunny South Africa, Logan Fox writes deliciously dark and twisted romance. Her books feature gruff, grumpy alphas that, although broken, can almost always redeem themselves to their feisty heroines. Her couples have enough chemistry to fog up an ice rink, and her stories the kind of the grit and grime she loves reading herself.